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        Quality is the guarantee sustainable development is the lifeblood of corporate survival, we focus on the internal control aspects of "small" in the external issues to do "fast."

        In the process of quality management, quality management thinking has undergone a qualitative change in product quality by the "test" to "prevention", by "blocking" to "Shu", to the production of "total quality management", in the production process The level of refinement and quality requirements become increasingly demanding. Product quality so as to provide effective protection. To ensure product quality and safety, quality management has a higher starting point, with international quality management standards, the quality of products into a comprehensive management concept, the establishment of independent quality assurance system, production management, product realization process to strengthen quality inspection and quality supervision.

        Quality control has been changed after the quality inspection checks for the "prevention" type of advance control and a matter of control; in order to completely out of the "ex post facto control" of the errors, to improve things in the pre-control and control of execution, quality management implemented in total quality management, checks at each and everyone responsible for quality control in each of the generated source.

        Standards for process management: :

        1, the establishment of various quality documents, reports, quality standards, work instructions, quality management as a guiding document. Testing and measuring instruments to ensure the accuracy of all tools, equipment for the unified registration and management.
        2,the quality of follow-up, new problems in a timely manner for analysis, discussion improved measures, improve the process.
        3,in the material procurement, quality and procurement personnel to assist identification of the work, including the assessment of suppliers, materials inspection and acceptance before Jincang work on substandard materials liberalization, returns processing, the quality of the incoming pass rate, return Analysis.
        4,the production process quality inspection of all the processes, product quality issues of prevention, correction and supervision work.
        5,before the acceptance of products warehousing, including: product appearance, function, quality problems and so on.

        In personnel training and equipment to work hard:

        1,strengthen technical guidance and training, we import the training per person per week training program for 1H.
        2,enhance operations management, operations management will be put first, improve supervision and inspection system, to strengthen the production site inspections, identify problems and put an immediate end, and to hold responsible.
        3,actively organize technical seminars and constantly improve the technology to explore new methods, new technology, we set up a QC team to play the role of the majority of technical staff, listen to opinions, so that product quality is constantly improving.
        4,in equipment maintenance, the required electrical and mechanical maintenance personnel to strengthen preventive maintenance, enhance on-site visits, rapid troubleshooting, reduce problems caused by the processing device is not accurate, the error increases and other quality problems.

        Handling customer questions:

        Once the goods have failed, we can effectively address the first time
        1,product quality, customer information collection, handling customer complaints, analysis and tracking to improve the timely and effective results, Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou two hours may be rushed to the scene; Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nantong 4H arrived at the scene, and the remaining other provinces to achieve the best treatment options through communication.  
        2,retrospective quality problems, may be occurring or has occurred all the quality problems, their causes, resulting in the location and scope of the investigation, a thorough reworking products identified risks.
        3,build customer quality files, easy to maintain the quality of long-term customers.

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