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      1. Welcome To Maidian Color Printing Official Web Site!

        Engineering department of the company's core technology, from the first time after the receipt of customer profiles in verifying the design flaws of individual files for the rationalization of the amendments; process defined on a professional production processes, and standardization; in the make-up mode assess the most economical way to make-up; maximum reduction of material costs.

        In prototyping, the engineering professionals, tracking, some of the product and process design flaws and solutions to overcome difficulties in the bud, and the process design, technical design, materials design, precision design, packaging design, quality design , the "quality design" as a special management, and uniform concentration and mobility technology department, quality department, production department in the forces to fight battle. Put on the production process may be the main technical problems encountered by analysis and discussion to find ways to overcome, early in the design to be given to avoid, prevent or resolve. On "quality design" of the management, set the person responsible for the formation of the system, objectives are clear. For new product development, in addition to the common general assessment, we should also carry out "quality design" review to see if the design is suitable for mass production, is problematic in the production, is suitable for the current business practice and equipment , process and technology practice.

        Prepress regard, we continue to explore technological innovations at the same time, we control the equipment and methods continue to improve on. At present we import CTP plate, which significantly reduce makeready time, and fully improve printing efficiency; in product quality greatly enhance network control to achieve the fine print; but also accelerated the delivery cycle and enhance workflow management.

        Into digital printing in the proofing area, we are now in full implementation of color management, the digital output machines; CTP machine and press the Trinity.

        Engineering department for the customer file, the customer sign-like hand and so as a unified customer information management to ensure the safe and effective management, when receiving the customer has to change or modify information such as after the first time to deal with.

        GP data for the timeliness, the document with automatic alarm function, to ensure that information on suppliers of GP no one is checking missing.

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