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      1. Welcome To Maidian Color Printing Official Web Site!

        Business sector is the first outside our window, in order to ensure to provide more professional services, ongoing training of operational staff of each study.

        Operational staff in the quotation from a professional point of view to the customer recommend the most suitable material, and on this basis, the shortest time possible to quote a competitive market price.

        We process the samples within the shortest period of time provided: normal cross-like are as follows:

        Leaflets, cards, folding, labeling2days
        Binding and staples Manual3days

        In terms of delivery of orders, after the receipt of customer orders, review orders, respond to the customers accurate delivery, billing in the ERP systems, production; storage; shipment to complete the process.

        When a customer errors or special circumstances due to some emergency materials produced, the business and timely communication with the planning department, go through the green channel, to meet customer delivery.

        The customer to make some special requirements on the company and constructive proposals to convey the factory, and a meeting of, the first time to be addressed.

        From the objective of nuclear price; provide fast delivery of samples to ensure timeliness, service maintenance, quality, assist in handling the accident, they skillfully master the entire process, be able to do theory with practice, learn and use, proactive customer The sake of grief for the customers, to provide first-class and full service.

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