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        Heidelberg number of new products unveiled PrintChina 2011 reload

        2011-03-18 Classify:Industry Cource:Maidian Color Printing

        In the upcoming PRINT CHINA 2011 exhibition, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG inherited streamline production, environmental printing, offers a variety of craft ideas and the latest technology trends, launched a special process application packaging and commercial printing, short runs and Network printing solution for the four devices. Not only that, but also to customers at the core of Heidelberg, to provide cover pre-press, printing up to India in the concept of a complete set of system services, with the majority of the printing industry to share the latest achievements in these areas.
         Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG Corporate Profile: a 160-year history of the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is the world's largest manufacturer of complete sets of printing equipment, and the only to provide customers with complete printing solutions for manufacturers. Heidelberg China Ltd. was formally established in 1998 and headquartered in Beijing and in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong, the establishment of representative offices, and in 2006 set up assembly plant in Qingpu, Shanghai, the current staff of more than 700 people.
         Heidelberg Booth: Exhibition Hall 3 -1-001, Welcome.


        Heidelberg booth renderings

         Exhibit -
         Product 1: Heidelberg Speedmaster platesetter
         Heidelberg Speedmaster printing plate loading and unloading equipment, imaging and perforated format provided a lot of flexibility. It uses a new drilling program to ensure against Heidelberg and all other brands on the market for punch press operation, with the most accurate register. In addition, the Heidelberg Speedmaster developed specifically for the laser system can provide excellent image quality. Modular design allows users to easily and quickly add more laser modules in the field without downtime, and requires very little maintenance. Intelligent Diode System (IDS) ensures high production reliability. This means that in a case of diode failure can continue the normal operation of the equipment.


        Heidelberg Speedmaster platesetter

         Product 2: Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 102
         A new generation of sheet-fed offset press - Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 102 will be the first appearance in the country. Heidelberg XL offset its peak level and maturity of selling technology 70x100 cm format printing platform, combined with the successful design of Subaru CX 102, the printing speed of up to 16,500 sheets / hour, with superb production capacity and a variety of powerful Function. The facts have proven, excellent productivity and high degree of flexibility so that the machine has won a number of commercial printers and packaging printing enterprises of all ages. First introduced at the IPEX exhibition which sold 15 units when the CX 102 Offset Speedmaster total more than 90 units, was widely praised.


        Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 102

         Product 3: Starr KHC78 folding machine
         Heidelberg launched for the Chinese market using folding machine Stahl KHC78 MCT device control system, the user interface more user-friendly. It is worth mentioning that the machine uses a cross-fold unit Heidelberg, in the smallest space can make one or more cross breaks. Local control panel installed device not only can cross off as many as 32 posts for efficient folding book, showing its strong productivity, but also to facilitate the operator to control in a different location to reduce the amount of walking back and forth. For a variety of different shapes, sizes and thickness of paper, folding machine Stahl KHC78 also used mobile devices a continuous collection of paper, to solve the printing business to worry about.


        Stahl folding machine KHC78

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