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      1. Welcome To Maidian Color Printing Official Web Site!

        To create a better future!

        Maidian has consistently adhered to the "respect knowledge, respect talent" purpose, respect every employee of the company, to create a good working environment and living environment. The company has established a perfect human resources organization system, scientific and fair evaluation system of operation, effective incentive mechanism, fairness, justice the promotion system, from the system to ensure the talent to create a talent shows itself, harmony, respect for people, caring for people working environment.

        Talent planning: 5S office environment

        1. The bright -- clean and bright and comfortable workplace collocation a variety of delicate green potted, comfortable, beautiful, full of vitality.

        2. Enthusiastic energy -- one smiling face in the office, she regards, this is Michael points gifts at home and abroad.

        3. Harmony -- no division, no position, friendly communication, mutual cooperation, enjoyable.

        360 post huge promotion channels

        1. Job promotions: a month on a mission to investigate, for the completion of the task for two months on level promotion mechanism, fair treatment of all employees every hard work!

        2. Management level promotion: regular management position within an organization will choose good company backbone of talent. And organization management course training once a month, the broad management promotion platform to let our future managers with the company grow together!


        Competitive salary and benefits

        Working time: 7:50-17:10, 1 hour lunch break.

        Wage structure: basic salary + high commission + process/quarterly/monthly incentive

        The company benefits:

        1. Pay social security for employees.

        2. Monthly/annual excellent selection: each month to award business excellent staff, excellent employees every year, the team, manager and director award reward outstanding staff and team.

        3. Paid annual leave: induction of full year staff all can enjoy the annual paid.

        4. All kinds of subsidies: our employees for the business provide reasonable transportation allowance per month, in view of the employees in the use of computers also provide corresponding electric imagination.

        5. Birthday party: every month we colleagues for that month birthday cake and gift, and will hold a birthday party.

        6. Holiday benefits: every festival, we may, in the company held celebrations, may let colleagues home early from work early holiday with his family.

        7. Characteristic of sport: we will regularly held singing contest, photography contest, the development of outdoor activities such as; Set up a basketball, football club, badminton club, yoga, photography club employees self-built interest groups, such as to make all the 360 people happy work, happy life!

        8. Group activities: the company every month for each department, each employee to provide funds for employees in various team activities such as dinner.

        Mature training system

        1. With 360 system professional internal trainer team

        2. Building the 360 "recruits - a good soldier" gold business training system

        3. Building the 360 monthly SEM professional customer service skills training system

        4. Grosvenor LTD handsome/mentor adopts Bai Fu beauty manager

        Great promotion space

        Through a variety of employees or making a recommendation will not stick to one pattern with talent, let every employee in office of men and provide stable development platform and space.

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