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      1. Welcome To Maidian Color Printing Official Web Site!
        Qualification Honor

        ? In 2002 we passed ISO9001 (2000) international quality management system certification 

        ? In 2003 our company was named the "civilized printing business units in suzhou city,"

        ? In 2004 our company gained the title of "suzhou AA contracts and keep promise unit"

        ? In 2005 our company gained the title of "suzhou AAA printing business units" 

        ? In 2006 we passed the UL certification 

                        we became the suzhou city junior chamber of commerce member unit

        ? In 2007 we gained the title of “young honest merchants”

                        we are the top 50 private printing enterprise in 2006 annual in suzhou city 

                        we passed through the international ISO14001 environmental management system certification 

        ? In 2008 we gained the title of “Top ten youth enterprises” in xiangcheng district in suzhou city

                        we obtained the title of "Youth chamber of commerce member unit" in suzhou city

        ? In 2009 we obtained the title of “the optimization of credit enterprise”

        ? In 2010 we obtained the title of "suzhou contracts and keep promise unit" again

                        we became the deputy secretary-general unit of suzhou printing industry association

        ? In 2011 we gained the title of outstanding entrepreneur in jiangsu province

                        we gained the honor of the top 50 (east China) competitiveness label printing enterprise in the year between 2010 to 2011 

                        we passed the G7 certification

        ? In 2012 we won the "quality trustworthy enterprise in jiangsu province" title 

        ? In 2013 we gained the honor "the government trust, customer satisfaction" in printing enterprises 

        ? In 2014 we obtained the title of the Top ten good faith enterprise in Packaging and printing industry in jiangsu province

        ? In 2016 we passed FSC certification

        ? In 2017  Passed GMI certification

        ? In 2018  Brought in Voc System

        ? In 2019 Passed QC080000 certification

        ? In 2020 Passed ISO450001,SA8000 certification

        Add:No 6,chunwang road,panyang industrial park, xiangcheng district,Suzhou
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