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      1. Welcome To Maidian Color Printing Official Web Site!
        Dear customer:
        To All honored customers:Thank you very much for your visiting our website!With your great support,we think MaiDian will improve quickly,and provide the customers higher quality service.Suzhou Maidian Color Printing Co., Ltd. is well-known as a professional printing enterprise boasting complete techniques and capacities from production, development, design and sale of various printed matters such as Manuals, Labels and color packing boxes.
        Since 2001, the progressing people of Maidian have been struggling hard on their way to one peak after another and have achieved great successes. Nowadays, with more than 20000 square meters of workshops and lots of talents to create steadily-increasing revenues, Maidian has continuously won the titles of “Suzhou Municipal AAA-Grade Printing Unit”, “Top 50 Private Printing Enterprises of Suzhou” “Member of JCC of Suzhou” “Model Printing Unit” and “Youthful Enterprise with Good Credit”.
        Maidian thinks quality is life,implement the quality management system completely.From 2002,the company passed ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification, ISO14001 and UL certification ets,and the ideas of quality control have permeated into every process according to the quality system standard.
        Being highly motivated, Maidian has set a more ambitious goal, that is, the company will develop into a worldwide leading giant in coloring printing circle by continuously improving and upgrading the company's institutional, technical and management level. Adhering to the principle of pursuing good quality, efficiency and services, the company spares no efforts in further improving technology, equipment and services.  Cherishing a dream for a brighter future, Maidian is embarking on a new course of expedition towards a new height.
        Add:No 6,chunwang road,panyang industrial park, xiangcheng district,Suzhou
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